What do all the best Santorini photographers have in common?

This is the question I have been asking for myself during my first years of working as a Santorini photographer. Oh, hello, my name is Alexander Hadji and I have the answer now. And it’s easy. All the best Santorini photographers provide… ta-daam… predictable results. Yes, you got it right. So let’s take it closer.
Every professional photographer has a set of featured photos, which we call portfolio. As a rule, a photographer chooses the best photos from their point of view and the portfolio looks really impressive. But there might be a trap here. Choosing the best of the best photos, a photographer may go too far from their average level. As a result the potential clients might not get what they expected after examining the featured photos only. However, there is a way to make sure you will get what you want 🙂

How to choose the very best photographer in Santorini

Let’s assume you have done the googling and even looked through the photographer’s portfolio. As a result you understand if you like it or not. Providing that you liked the photos, you will feel ready to ask for a quote, but give yourself some more time and browse their blog instead. Since the pictures published in the blog posts can tell more than the main portfolio. Are all the photos of the same quality? Can you imagine your own photos done in this style? If the answer is Yes, just go ahead and ask for a quote. If you are in doubt, ask for more photo sets to compare. Or just look for another photographer. Anyway, if you are looking for a photographer in Santorini, you can always get back to me and book your Santorini photo shoot by one of the best Santorini photographers 🙂

Now, seriously, check out my portfolio. These are the pictures made during different pre-wedding, wedding, honeymoon and family photoshoots in Santorini and all over Greece. Alternatively, you might want to browse my Santorini photographer blog or to visit my Facebook Page and make sure you will get the predictably breathtaking results.