Photography services in Santorini

Additional photography services in Santorini

Looking for photography services in Santorini? You have found the right page to book them! My name is Alexander Hadji, I’m a photographer in Santorini, Greece. After reading this entry you will know all about Santorini photo shoots and will be able to book a service that suits your needs.

Photography services in Santorini

Santorini photo shoots packages

To take a look at the Santorini photography services as such, please go to the page Santorini photographer price. You will find detailed packages with prices.

Should you plan a Santorini wedding and need a Santorini wedding photographer, then refer to my Santorini wedding photography packages.

If you are a photographer or just want to take your own pictures in different spots of Santorini, you might be interested in a photo tour Santorini.

Additional photography services in Santorini

Whatever Santorini photography service you choose, you might need additional option to complement your package. Should you want anything else, please get in touch with me, and we will create a fully customized Santorini photography package for you.

A vehicle for hopping between locations: 150-200 euro

This service is quite handy when booking packages starting from 3 hours. I will pick you from your hotel, drive through the location and bring you back to a point, agreed beforehand (your hotel, a cafe etc)

A slide-show: 100 euro (with video-elements: 150 euro)

A breathtaking reel made pictures (and video) and music to watch your Santorini photos in the most entertaining way. Take a look at a sample here:

Wedding album design: 100 euro

You will get a wedding album design ready for print.

RAW files: 150-200 euro

You will get all the photos that were taken during a shoot in the original format (RAWs). Please remember that you will need special software to be able to watch them.

Speeding up service: 150 euro

Postprocessing is done according to the line of clients, basing on “first come first serve” rule. In case you book the speeding up service, you will get your pictures done within 10 days after payment. However, I do not break the line, I just use my spare time to postprocess the urgent shoots.

Split service (for the packages starting from 5 hours): from 150 euro

This service is exceptionally good for big wedding packages when a couple wants to utilize the photography hours in the best possible way. For instance, you can split your Santorini wedding photography package into two parts.  Thus you will have both wedding photo shoot on the Big Day and a romantic Santorini photo session the next day. So this is a great tool to get more value for the price.

additional retouch per photo: 5-10 euro (depending on the requirements)

Each Santorini photo shoot package has a certain number of photos for detailed retouch. You can add more photos by picking them from a gallery you will get after a shoot.

How to book photography services in Santorini

Get in touch with me using any way you like. Send an email to, leave your data in the contact form, direct me on Instagram or Facebook or text me via Viber or WhatsApp to +306951661016

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