Heaven on Earth is such a beautiful concept for the wedding photography in Santorini. These enchanting wedding photos portray the most magnificent elements of love and unity. The hazy blue sky blends effortlessly into the depth of the endless sea creating a mystical, even etherial aura. This was the perfect place for Adriana and Josef to celebrate their magical wedding. The birth of a new union of pure love and affection happened at one of most popular and dreamy venue, Dana Villas. It was essential for Alexander Hadji, Santorini wedding photographer, to make these moments last. 

This smart-looking couple from China decided to celebrate their engagement with the help of a Santorini engagement photographer Alexander Hadji. The newly-engaged arrived at one of the most splendid Greek locations, Santorini and it suddenly occurred to us how elegantly and strikingly symbolic it is that the beauty from the oldest oriental civilization touched the ground of the cradle of the western civilisation.

If you travel to Santorini Greece with your beloved one you might want to get professional pictures of you two in this most romantic island. In this case you need a Santorini romantic photo shoot by a high professional Santorini photographer Alexander Hadji. Take a look what this is about and get inspired right now!

 Свадебная фотосессия на Санторини от русскоговорящего фотографа в Греции Александра Хаджи

Поздравляю! Если Вы читаете эти строки, то скорее всего, вас ждет свадьба на Санторини! Самый романтичный остров в мире подарит вам головокружительные впечатления и море радости! А чтобы сохранить моменты счастья нужно, чтобы их запечатлел профессионал: свадебный фотограф на Санторини.

This lovely couple got married in the most sunlit island of the World - Santorini. Stunningly beautiful bride and elegantly handsome groom shared a piece of their true-true love with us asking Alexander Hadji to take over their wedding photography Santorini Greece. Romantic and awesome wedding ceremony was hosted by Dana Villas - a wedding venue with the most beautiful scenery in Santorini.

This Love Story photography Greece took place in September of 2011 in Halkidiki. Honeymoon in Greece blessed the newlyweds with a bright sun, salty and warm sea, sweet fruits and romantic nights. Boundless love and fiery passion were brought along from their native country by the couple.