Santorini photo shoot FAQs

Santorini photo shoot FAQs
Please read this Santorini photo shoot FAQs aka general terms and conditions before booking your shoot. Booking Please get in touch with me or my team using a way of communication...

Additional photography services in Santorini

Photography services in Santorini
Looking for photography services in Santorini? You have found the right page to book them! My name is Alexander Hadji, I’m a photographer in Santorini, Greece. After reading this entry you will know all about Santorini photo shoots and will be able to book a service that suits your needs….

Santorini photography

Santorini photography
Hi! Looking for a Santorini photography session? Then you have definitely landed on the right page! As here you can learn about Santorini photography, choose a package that suits...

Santorini photographer price

Santorini photographer price
Looking for a Santorini photographer price? Congratulations! You have reached the right page! For here you will find Santorini photography packages and prices. So you can choose the one...

Photo tour Santorini

Photo tour Santorini price
Looking for a guided photo tour Santorini? Then you have landed on the right page! For here you can look through the packages, choose the one you like and book a...

Santorini photographer Alexander Hadji

Santorini photographer
Going on a Santorini vacation? Lucky you! You have a great chance to get a stunning Santorini photo shoot with the spectacular backdrops of the island. Book a Santorini...

Santorini wedding photographer Alexander Hadji

Santorini wedding photographer
Santorini wedding photographer   First of all, check his Santorini wedding photography portfolio to make sure the photos are really impressive and of high quality. Shortly after booking you will receive...

Wedding photography in Santorini: Heaven on Earth for Adriana & Josef

Wedding photography in Santorini

Heaven on Earth is such a beautiful concept for the wedding photography in Santorini. These enchanting wedding photos portray the most magnificent elements of love and unity. The hazy blue sky blends effortlessly into the depth of the endless sea creating a mystical, even etherial aura. This was the perfect place for Adriana and Josef to celebrate their magical wedding. The birth of a new union of pure love and affection happened at one of most popular and dreamy venue, Dana Villas. It was essential for Alexander Hadji, Santorini wedding photographer, to make these moments last. …

Santorini engagement photographer: L & J


This smart-looking couple from China decided to celebrate their engagement with the help of a Santorini engagement photographer Alexander Hadji. The newly-engaged arrived at one of the most splendid Greek locations, Santorini and it suddenly occurred to us how elegantly and strikingly symbolic it is that the beauty from the oldest oriental civilization touched the ground of the cradle of the western civilisation….

Santorini pre wedding photo shoot: M & R


M and R, a lovely couple from China, decided to spent their vacation in Greece. They were to have a before-the-wedding romantic tour and wanted their Santorini pre wedding photo shoot done by a professional photographer. Being demanding clients the couple asked a wedding agency to find the best photographer in the area. So I was contacted by the agency and asked to book a shoot.

Santorini pre wedding photo shoot: a shooting rout
As the shooting package included transfer, I picked the couple from the hotel and drove them to the first location: Imerovigly town. We enjoyed taking pictures with the breathtaking backdrops of the Caldera and I took the couple to the next location, Emborio. The town is a must for its traditional Greek houses cosily huddled together, secret corners multicolored doors,  narrow streets revealing bizarre details and many many more. The sunlight is so unique here that sometimes the photos resemble with paintings. The final location, as unique as beautiful, was the famous Santorini Black Beach. We arrived around sunset, the wind was strong and the light was especially dramatic. The weather was in a meaningful contrast with the tenderness emanating from the couple. So I hope M and R will keep their feelings in any thunderstorm that may occur within their long life together.
Other Santorini photo shoots
Here you can take a look at another romantic photo shoot done for a Russian couple, also here there is a photo set of a lovely wedding in Dana Villas and here enjoy a “James Bond” wedding in Santa Irene Wedding Venue.
To book your Santorini pre wedding photo shoot by Alexander Hadji please email, make a call to +306951661016, send a message on FB or leave your contact details to get a call-back from the photographer. You can also use Viber or WatsApp. The photographer and his team answer within a day….