Santorini romantic photo shoot


Santorini engagement photographer: L & J

This smart-looking couple from China decided to celebrate their engagement with the help of a Santorini engagement photographer Alexander Hadji. The newly-engaged arrived at one of the most splendid Greek locations, Santorini and it suddenly occurred to us how elegantly and strikingly symbolic it is that the beauty from the oldest oriental civilization touched the …

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Santorini pre wedding photo shoot: M & R

M and R, a lovely couple from China, decided to spent their vacation in Greece. They were to have a before-the-wedding romantic tour and wanted their Santorini pre wedding photo shoot done by a professional photographer. Being demanding clients the couple asked a wedding agency to find the best photographer in the area. So I was contacted …

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Santorini wedding photographer

Looking for the best photographer Santorini?

Seems you have found the one! Travelling to the most beautiful and romantic island in the World – Santorini? Or even getting married there? Then you definitely need a perfect photographer to capture those precious moments! Seems you have just found the best photographer Santorini ever! Browse these stunning photos, get inspired and book you …

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santorini romantic photo shoot

Santorini romantic photo shoot

If you travel to Santorini Greece with your beloved one you might want to get professional pictures of you two in this most romantic island. In this case you need a Santorini romantic photo shoot by a high professional Santorini photographer Alexander Hadji. Take a look what this is about and get inspired right now!