Wedding photography in Greece, Video


Destination wedding photography in Greece by Alexander Hadji.

This video shows Alexanders approach and technics, as well as the breathtaking results afterwards. Hot and sweet kisses, romantic Santorini sunsets and warm Crete evenings, wedding cakes and wedding arcs, beautiful brides and charming grooms, white sun, turquoise sea and blue sky with fluffy and nice clouds, waves and stones, champaign and flowers, rose petals and rice rain, smiles and hugs: this wedding slide-show is all about LOVE.

Love is in the air, love is in the sky, love is in bedrooms and boudoirs, love is by the sea, by the pools and rivers, love is under the sun, under the shadow and under rain. Love is a song, one for the two. Put  your favorite tune on and tell your love-story to your parents first, then to your kids and your grand-kids. A wedding slide-show is a love-story told in the most beautiful and impressive way. A wedding slide-show is much more interesting to watch than traditional video and is much easier to share your wedding memories with your close ones. So consider ordering it when booking your wedding photographer in Greece.

Any couple that booked destination wedding photography in Greece by Alexander Hadji can order such a slide-show, which consists of either photos or photos and small pieces of video.  Some of my destination wedding photography in Greece packages already contain a slide-show as a bonus, but with any package you can order this service additionally. You can choose music by yourself, but also Alexander and his team will offer some tracks that are suitable for your wedding photos in Greece.

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The next video with new wedding photography masterpieces is on the way! Just follow us!

Wedding photography in Greece

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